Sparkle Table Topper


This is Sparkle by Joanna Figueroa.  This is the tabletop version (measures 36×36″).  I picked this up a clearance sale over at Connecting Thread.  I wasn’t really crazy about the fabric choices because I prefer a whiter white and brighter colors for the colored blocks and half-square triangles.  This one has more of a “country” feel that’s not my favorite right now but I bought it because it was a great price, it was a pattern that I wanted to make, and it was an opportunity to practice my quilting.


I like the way it came out even though I probably won’t keep it.  It looks really good and I really got into the quilting.  The different areas of the quilt are all quilted differently with some ‘new-to-me’ free-motion quilting techniques.


There’s cobble-stone quilting in the squares surrounding the center square, radiating lines in the solid white triangles and pebbled quilting in the solid colored block border.

The back is a batik that I got at Jo-ann’s.



I’m not sure who it’s going to go to yet, but I am glad that it came out so well (even the binding) since this wasn’t a project that I really put my heart into.  It was great free-motion quilting practice with the added benefit of actually producing something I really like and am proud to have made.



Sewing & Quilt Expo, Atlanta

I had the privilege of going to the the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Atlanta this past weekend.  I can’t compare it to any of the other expos from the past or the ones in other cities but this one was a lot like I expected – a nice quilt exhibit and a lot of shopping.  It did not disappoint. I have to qualify that by saying that I was only going for a day (Saturday) and I had purposely decided not to take any classes.  This is because the weekend was also a getaway weekend for my husband and me and while I was going to get a nice sewing/quilting fix, I really didn’t want to spend too much time away from him.

Still I have to say it was fun and inspiring.  There were a few small galleries in the quilt exhibit area.  There was an especially nice gallery featuring a modern take on double wedding ring quilts that made me want to go home and cut up some jeans and make the second-coolest double wedding ring quilt ever (the coolest one was on display).  Here’s a close-up of one of the blocks:


This is the entire quilt:


Here’s another modern take on the beloved double wedding ring:



And here is a close-up:


There was another gallery that featured old/antique, unfinished quilt tops that had been quilted by modern (that is current) quilters.  Here’s my favorite:



Yes, I was originally attracted to the orange and white but look at the quilting, FANTASTIC!

Here’s another favorite from that group


and again, close up



I could have studied the quilting on just these two for hours but I settled for taking a ton of pictures, trying to get as close as possible to get some ideas for free-motion quilting on my own quilts.  I also did some shopping, which I will share in another post.  I’ll probably share some more pictures in later posts as well because I got a LOT of ’em.


What I’m Doing This Weekend


I’m finally getting some time to quilt this quilt.  I started this quilt back in January.  It’s an adaptation of a Quilty magazine pattern called “Modern Plaid”.  I just changed the colors and added more width to the sides so that it fits a king-size bed. 


This quilt is huge and I’ve only just started the quilting this weekend but it’s going fairly well.  I still consider myself a beginner quilter so I’m only going to stipple the huge red sections but my goal is to do a little something more in the pieced sections.  My goal is have it finished and on the bed by the beginning of June.  Funny, because this is supposed to be our winter quilt but after all the work going into this quilt, it’s going to be the all-year quilt!  (At least until I start the next one 😉