April Fool

Today is April 1 which I like to call New Years Day!  No, it’s not because I’m still living in the Middle Ages under the Julian calendar, which would still put me off about 7 days.  Nor is it because I’m confused after reading the Nun’s Tale from Canterbury Tales.

I mostly like to think of April 1 as a new year because that’s usually when the weather changes and we start to enjoy spring weather and spring always feels like a fresh new year starting.  Even though I love winter, after a while it’s just nice to see things growing again and all the pretty colors blooming in spring.  That makes me feel like starting something new, like this blog.  It’s also a good day to start all the New Years Resolutions that I thought of on January 1 but never really put into place.  That way, I can tell all my friends that I’m still working on my resolutions and they’ll think that I’ve got some serious willpower even though it’s really that I’m only just starting them.  I find that this same thinking works in the fall when we start a new school year.  I guess, in a way, I can start a ‘new year’ of something three times a year – on January 1, on April 1, or on September 1 (whenever school starts).

Anyway, it works for me.