I love Craftsy.  I love the site, the classes, the platform, the social aspect of it.  Everything.  I have more Craftsy classes than I can probably watch in a year (thanks to a lot of free classes and a lot of sales).  I think that I’ve fully watched about 5 or 6 already but have only completed one project.



bag filled with a sweater project

So here is my first Craftsy project.  It’s aknittingbag based on the class “Bag-Making Basics” with Kristin Link.  It’s a free class and it’s a great class to start out with if you’ve never taken a Craftsy class or done much sewing.  I made my bag reversible using two fabrics from an old kit that I’d bought on sale a year ago.  I had bought the kit just for the fabric (it was $4 on sale) and used half of it to make this bag.


The bag turned out to be 13x8x4 so that i could used the entire rectangle of fabrics.


IMG_0393The embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library.  You can see just how much the bag holds.