The Marriage Socks

Gray socks for the hubs

The Marriage Socks

Right before Valentine’s Day (almost two months ago) I decided to make my husband a pair of socks.  He loves handmade socks.  (In fact, everyone in my house does.)  But I had procrastinated as to whether or not to make him a pair because we don’t always celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We usually buy candy for the kids and I get flowers or candy and make a special dinner but we don’t usually go out to celebrate.  (Don’t think my husband is a cheap-skate or not romantic.  He proposed to me on February 2 and we usually celebrate that day and just avoid the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day).

So when I realized that we would actually be going out for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give a gift, thus the handmade socks.  I went to Jo-Ann’s to get some fingering weight super wash wool, not the best but it was too late to order something online and I just didn’t think about my local lys (I should have!).

I decided to make my own pattern (I’m sure it’s not original) this time since my goal is to one day make a matching set of neutral colored socks for him.  I worked a 3×2 rib pattern and then for the body of the sock I went to a 8×2 rib.  I really like the way it looked, very manly but not boring to knit up.  The only thing was that the yarn DROVE ME CRAZY!  I’ve used this yarn before but for some reason it was tough going and I got little gaps and holes around the gusset that I’m not accustomed to having when I knit (and I’ve knit a LOT of socks).


Anyway, it was so hard to knit up what should have been a quick and easy knit that it felt like a fight.  Yes, a fight!  There were many times when I would knit up a section and find some unexplained gap or bump.  It was crazy.  These were not knitting up as well as they should have but I persevered and finished them and I’m glad I did.  When they were done, they weren’t as great as I’d wanted them to be but they were done and they were appreciated!

That’s when I got the idea to name them the Marriage Socks.   They started out simple enough and I loved the pattern and the color but knitting them up had a lot of unexpected twists and turns that didn’t turn out as well as I wanted them to or expected.  But when they were done they were beautiful, they served their purpose, and they were appreciated.  What more could I ask?  They just seemed to be a perfect metaphor for marriage.


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