Expo Goodies

What goodies await . . .

Sew Expo Bag

I did buy a few things while I was at Expo.

First, I should explain that I did not buy fabric and didn’t plan to buy any unless I saw some really cool fat quarters at good prices.  The reason I didn’t plan to buy fabric is that I just bought a few several fabric bundles from Fabric Mart as well as a good chunk of knit, wool, denim, and pleather from Fabric Mart and Girl Charlee (more about that later, maybe!).  So I didn’t want to bring more fabric home but I figured that there would be other supplies and notions I wanted or needed that I would find there.

It didn’t disappoint.  Here’s my stash:

My Precious

Sew Expo Purchases

When I see this picture, it doesn’t look like much but it was really ALL that I wanted to buy after making three rounds through the vendors.  There is a bag pattern with accessories missing from this picture but other than a Japanese fabric that I really should have gotten, there was nothing else that appealed to me although I had a great time looking.  I did add an Amy Barickman book to my Amazon list based on a fashion show of her patterns that I got to see.

So what did I buy?  A pattern notcher, tweezers, oiler, mini iron, stabilizer, a French curve, and a purse pattern with accessories that’s already on my sewing table.

It was nice bringing money home and I did end up buying some fat quarters and a charm pack when I got back home!


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