Sparkle Table Topper


This is Sparkle by Joanna Figueroa.  This is the tabletop version (measures 36×36″).  I picked this up a clearance sale over at Connecting Thread.  I wasn’t really crazy about the fabric choices because I prefer a whiter white and brighter colors for the colored blocks and half-square triangles.  This one has more of a “country” feel that’s not my favorite right now but I bought it because it was a great price, it was a pattern that I wanted to make, and it was an opportunity to practice my quilting.


I like the way it came out even though I probably won’t keep it.  It looks really good and I really got into the quilting.  The different areas of the quilt are all quilted differently with some ‘new-to-me’ free-motion quilting techniques.


There’s cobble-stone quilting in the squares surrounding the center square, radiating lines in the solid white triangles and pebbled quilting in the solid colored block border.

The back is a batik that I got at Jo-ann’s.



I’m not sure who it’s going to go to yet, but I am glad that it came out so well (even the binding) since this wasn’t a project that I really put my heart into.  It was great free-motion quilting practice with the added benefit of actually producing something I really like and am proud to have made.



2 thoughts on “Sparkle Table Topper

  1. It’s such a beautiful quilt. The pattern is gorgeous and makes such an impact, and personally I love the colours too. Certainly one you can be proud of x

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