Projects Galore!






I love knitting!

It’s portable. You can talk to people and remain social while doing it.  And it’s just a convenient way to satisfy that crafty itch when you may not have your sewing machines available.

Normally I don’t have a lot of projects on the needles, maybe two or three projects going at a time and I usually finish my projects or on the rare occasion, rip it out rather than keep many projects going at a time.  But somehow I have let myself cast on a great number (for me) of knitting projects that aren’t getting finished.  Right now I have three sweaters, two pairs of socks, a market bag, and a turtle on the needles and I’m really itching to start a few more projects.  It’s really killing me not to start another pair of socks or a baby sweater that I want to make for a shower.  But I’m trying to hold firm and at least finish two projects before starting another.

So the project that you see above is a pair of Monkey socks by Cookie A in a yarn I purchased at Jo-Ann’s.  I really need to finish this pair because they’re promised to my youngest daughter.  I think I may have started them last year sometime and they’re still not done.  This is crazy late for me so I’m working hard to get some knitting projects off the needles.

As far as sewing goes, I did make some more burp cloths and washcloths for another expecting mother.  That, at least got me some sewing machine love before working on the socks.

Okay, with that, back to the needles.



I love Craftsy.  I love the site, the classes, the platform, the social aspect of it.  Everything.  I have more Craftsy classes than I can probably watch in a year (thanks to a lot of free classes and a lot of sales).  I think that I’ve fully watched about 5 or 6 already but have only completed one project.



bag filled with a sweater project

So here is my first Craftsy project.  It’s aknittingbag based on the class “Bag-Making Basics” with Kristin Link.  It’s a free class and it’s a great class to start out with if you’ve never taken a Craftsy class or done much sewing.  I made my bag reversible using two fabrics from an old kit that I’d bought on sale a year ago.  I had bought the kit just for the fabric (it was $4 on sale) and used half of it to make this bag.


The bag turned out to be 13x8x4 so that i could used the entire rectangle of fabrics.


IMG_0393The embroidery designs are from Embroidery Library.  You can see just how much the bag holds.

First Finish

I have a baby shower this weekend and decided to make the gift.  I’ve been wanting to try out some new embroidery designs that I saw on the Bunnycup Embroidery website and this was a great opportunity to see how their designs stitch out so I decided to make these burp cloths using designs from their Adorable Sentiments collection.



Burp cloths and washcloths (fronts)


Back of washcloths


Back of burp cloths

I came up with my own burp cloth pattern with just one shoulder recess.  I’m hoping that it works out since it’s been awhile since I’ve had a baby to burp!  The baby registry had a Dr. Seuss theme so I used Celebrate Dr. Seuss flannel as the backing for the burp cloths.  Oh, and I threw in a set of washcloths to go with.

April Fool

Today is April 1 which I like to call New Years Day!  No, it’s not because I’m still living in the Middle Ages under the Julian calendar, which would still put me off about 7 days.  Nor is it because I’m confused after reading the Nun’s Tale from Canterbury Tales.

I mostly like to think of April 1 as a new year because that’s usually when the weather changes and we start to enjoy spring weather and spring always feels like a fresh new year starting.  Even though I love winter, after a while it’s just nice to see things growing again and all the pretty colors blooming in spring.  That makes me feel like starting something new, like this blog.  It’s also a good day to start all the New Years Resolutions that I thought of on January 1 but never really put into place.  That way, I can tell all my friends that I’m still working on my resolutions and they’ll think that I’ve got some serious willpower even though it’s really that I’m only just starting them.  I find that this same thinking works in the fall when we start a new school year.  I guess, in a way, I can start a ‘new year’ of something three times a year – on January 1, on April 1, or on September 1 (whenever school starts).

Anyway, it works for me.